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I've always been interested in music and sang in various different ways throughout my life as young as 8 years old. But for me, it was only these last 2 years that I began to think about writing music and releasing it.

In the last 2 years I've had countless song ideas, but most never really ended up being finished in terms of lyrics and music. Firstly because of school, and straight after I finished school I went away to Australia for half a year. I was always writing in a little notebook but they were only really just ideas without music and I didn't have a guitar or anything to add some actual substance to it.

Then coronavirus happened... and I had to fly back home, which meant disappointingly I couldn't go on this 'holiday of a lifetime' I'd saved up for in Australia. But then I realised I had enough money to buy all the things that held me back in writing music. So I bought what I needed and started writing some proper music, and the first idea that I was actually happy enough to release was Guilty... so here we are today.

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Currently independent, but open to working with a label




Not currently under permanent management